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My name is Archie William Bubb

I was born and bred in South West Africa, currently known as Namibia, in 1959. I grew up in a farming community.

Most of my childhood years were spent in the bush (Namibian county-side) with my father and some of the local Bushman, learning the art of tracking, hunting and surviving the harshness of the Namibian landscape.

During this time, an appreciation and respect for the local fona and flora and the role it plays in surviving the bush, was installed in me. I also learned to respect the intricate part each individual plant, insect and animal plays in the holistic delicate eco system i was part of.

In my early twenties my skills, appreciation and knowledge of the bush was supplemented by intensive training in tracking, survival and fona and flora courses i attended.

As an adult, my career turned towards the South African Mining Industry, where, being a professional, I managed to progressed to manager of my own successful mining company. During this time it has always been my goal to become the owner of a game farm, where I could keep and breed antelope for my own pleasure. Should culling become a necessity to keep a healthy balance and harmony between the animals and the land, due the lack of natural predators, there would be venison for my table.

For the past 19 years this dream has been a reality for me, allowing me to successfully breed herds of ordinary antelope and exotic species.

During my years in the mining industry, as well as the time being a game farmer, I have always been a keen explorer and camper. This passion led me to spend many breaks in the Central Kalahari and other parts of Southern Africa, either on my own, or with close friends sharing my extensive knowledge and love for the bush.

Five years ago, during one of my solo trips in Southern Africa, I encountered a professional oversees photographer at a camping site. After several hours next to the campfire, sharing our respective experiences, it was decided that I should be his guide on a photographic safari into the Central Kalahari. He wanted a “real outdoor bush experience” and opportunities to test his photographic equipment - needless to say, he came away from this safari, properly impressed, excited and very happy with his photographic results.

Since then i have taken numerous clients on similar safaris, allowing them to experience all aspects of the Namibian wilderness, protected and cared for by my extensive experience and skills already mentioned. Every safari was a huge success with all my customers going home happy and exited, having taken breathtaking photos of places and animals they have never encountered before, thrilled with their “bush experience” and leaving behind newly made friends.

After every trip, on the final eve before departure, each member of the group gets an opportunity to comment on their individual experiences of the past 7 to 10 days, voicing likes and dislikes. These comments are then taken into consideration to continually adapt and improve each new safari I undertake.

  • Each safari trip is based on the following prerequisites:
  • Small groups consisting of up to 5 people to ensure a full one on one experience
  • Sleeping accommodation is provided in the form of rooftop and ground based tents
  • All food is provided and included in the costs
  • All guest are required to assist in the making and breaking of camp affording opportunities to acquire new skills

Our aim is to encourage and allow people to explore and gain an understanding and appreciation of all aspects of the great outdoors.

Travelling arrangements consist of two fully equipped Toyota Landcruiser vehicles, adapted and modified to safely withstand the harsh environment we travel in on these safari trips. Both vehicles are regularly maintained and serviced to ensure safe, reliable and comfortable travelling time.

We plan to increase the places we visit during future trips to include special events on a safari, for example – first event would be a hunt on my farm, then a visit to the Central Kalahari, a drive up the hunter’s route to Savuti, a walk along the Vitoria falls and back through the top of Botswana, through the Kaokoland to Henties Bay for somme fishing, a visit to Swakkopmund and back to basecamp.

These trips would be tailor-made to the clients’ requested experience, taking into consideration limitations such as time, fuel, water and food supply and availability. Thorough planning and communication with clients will be part of the process to determine the feasibility of the requested safari, before departure.

I enjoy interacting with people of all nationalities and find it easy to communicate with every one even when language is an issue. I speak Afrikaans, English, Basarwa and Khwe. Some of our clients on previous trips where speaking Japanese, but once we were in the bush our common language became the so-called “bush language” one only encounters under the open sky and in the veld.

Having had a successful three years with the trips I already undertook, it is time now to expand and increase the frequency of these trips/safaris, keeping in mind not to over extend my means but rather to increase the number of trips per month subject to the aforementioned prerequisites.

My passion is the great outdoors and all it has to offer. I see this as an opportunity to share my experience and knowledge with people in order to educate and empower them, allowing more people to see and appreciate nature and understand the its value and importance in our daily lives.

  • Herewith a bullet point summary of my proficiencies:
  • Born in SW – spent large parts of my youth with my Father and Bushman learning tracking, hunting and survival skills.
  • Game farm owner and breeder of antelope for the past 19 years.
  • Expert marksman with rifle, very experienced hunter and high level of weapons experience.
  • Expert tracking skills.
  • Advanced Flora and Fauna identification – Sub Saharan Africa.
  • Advanced first aid.
  • Advanced Rope Rescue technician.
  • Professional drivers permit.
  • Advanced 4x4 driving experience and competency.
  • Own 2 4X4 vehicles, 1 x Landcruiser double cab and 1 x utility, fully equipped with rooftop tents, freezer fridges etc.
  • Have been involved in bush travel and holidays alone and with groups for 40 years including travel through extreme areas such as Kaokoland,
  • Kalahari, South West, Zimbabwe, South Africa bushveld, Drakensberg mountains etc.
  • Proficient fisherman – Salt water and fresh.
  • Proficient sailing and motorised boat skipper.
  • We want to offer personalised trips which at the present included below but we are open to any suggestions:
  • Trips through the central Kalahari.
  • Hunter’s route through Savuti to Vic falls.
  • Through Central Kalahari to top of Botswana through to South West Africa via Kaokoland.
  • Fishing trips to South West Africa – Henties and Swakopmund.
  • Hunting on my game farm for antelope – can provide weapon fit for service. We do not offer ‘big game hunting such as the Big 5’ and or hunting of cats.
  • Professional photography trips to all areas.
  • Composites of the above and others that may be requested.
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